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Ever Wonder Why? and Other Controversial Essays | Hoover Institution

Other controversial essays

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Ever Wonder Why? And Other Controversial Essays: Thomas Sowell

Bar Exam Predictions: July 2014 Bar Exam Part One. First of essays all I want to wish you all the very best of luck in your studies this week and I want to thank you for following my blog. It is quite humbling and is truly an honor to statement speech, have this reach into bar examinees#8217;s lives and to be able offer some support and advice for other essays, free. Writing Satirical. It is one of essays my favorite things to do. WHAT TO EXPECT FROM ME: I will post predictions here today and additional thoughts about predictions through the weekend. I will also post an thesis for smoking update after day one of the bar exam, but this will be limited to thoughts about what might be on day three#8217;s essays based upon day one#8217;s essays. My #8220;predictions#8221; are really just possible essay scenarios that I think are a bit more likely on essays this bar round. Always, my enrolled students needs must come first. But, I will continue to post here as often as I can up through the bar exam.

WHAT SHOULD YOU DO WITH THIS INFORMATION? The point of making predictions is not to tell you that you should study these areas exclusively. On Hookah. It is simply intended as some guidance for what might show up and should it show up, the essays, fact that you have given these areas a little bit of extra thought will feel very good on exam day. If you are weak in any of these areas, then it especially deserves some extra treatment. If you are weak in an area that is not on my list you NEED to give that area extra attention. Do not assume something will not be on the bar exam. ANYTHING can be tested on help writing satirical essay the essays and you should have prepared with that in mind.

Anyone who tells you something is not going to be tested is ignorant of what the bar exam in California is like topics repeat back to back on multiple bar rounds so do not discount any topic. CAVEAT: NO ONE CAN PREDICT WHAT WILL BE TESTED ON THE BAR EXAM. If you have been following my blog you will know that I do not really like to call my #8220;predictions#8221; predictions. I do not claim to be able to predict the bar exam. I have simply come up with what I call essay scenarios that I think might be worth considering. I do not recommend that someone conduct their studies around predictions. However, I do think it is helpful to focus a little extra time on other essays some of the areas that might be a bit more likely to show up on the bar exam especially if any of these topics are areas that are weaker areas for you. So with that in mind here are some of my thoughts on 2009 hsc belonging essay question what could be tested on the July 2014 bar exam . Controversial. . . Thesis For Smoking Speech. Criminal Law Murder, crossed with Criminal Procedure: Make sure you know your essay approach for murder murder has not been tested in a very long time and it would make for a nice cross over with Criminal Procedure.

Criminal Law and controversial, Criminal Procedure were not on the February 2014 bar exam. And prior to that, testing of Criminal Law has focused on the theft crimes and it has been an help essay unusually long time since the bar examiners have tested murder. It is controversial, due for testing. Business Organizations I think Business Organizations is fairly likely. One possible scenario could include a cross-over with Professional Responsibility.

Other potential ares include federal securities law (10b5 and 16b) as this area has not been tested in a very long time. However, more typical for testing in Business Organizations are: the areas of duties (duty of care owed by officers and directors and the defense of the business judgment rule and duty of loyalty), usurping corporate opportunity, ultra vires acts and what is required to bring a shareholder derivative suit. Be sure to know rules regarding #8220;fundamental corporate changes#8221; and thesis speech, what types of things amount to a fundamental corporate change requiring shareholder approval. What has yet to be tested is the area of #8220;winding up#8221; (or dissolution) of other essays a partnership, be sure to know these rules as well. Evidence (perhaps finally a transcript style essay). Evidence was tested heavily on the Performance Test in February 2014. However, it was not tested on the essay section of the bar exam and appears to be #8220;due#8221; . . . that being said, no one can predict the bar exam.

I would, however, make sure that you know your form objections so that you are prepared for writing an Evidence Transcript style essay should you see one of Analysis of Boumediene these on the exam next week. Evidence is usually a race horse exam and controversial essays, requires you to help writing, move through many issues quickly. Equally likely, in my opinion, would be a Criminal Law/Procedure essay that is crossed with an Evidence issue. In past bar rounds the bar examiners have combined Wills/Community Property, and Evidence all into one essay exam. Other Essays. This sounds like a nightmare, but in actuality it is not bad at all. When an essay exam tests multiple subjects like this, the calls are usually made very clear for essays on hookah, you. For example, in other controversial essays the Wills context, the bar examiners have tested Spousal and Marital Communications Privilege and when they did, the help, call of the question for controversial, the Evidence issue went like this: #8220;Is the communication between Hal and english essayist richard, Wilma privileged?#8221; So, you see, that isn#8217;t that bad a call like this clearly directs you to address the essays, only kind of privilege that Hal and on hookah, Wilma could have (as a married couple). Property Covenants Equitable Servitudes (I will write more on essays this soon). Analysis Vs Bush. Professional Responsibility (as you know Professional Responsibility is generally always tested on the essay section every bar round). Take a look at my predictions from February 2014 bar exam you will note that I suggested that you could see a professional responsibility fact pattern that straddles corporations or in the criminal law context (it was tested in the criminal law context last time and other essays, could repeat that way again this time or may show up in the context of smoking is harmful business organizations for other essays, example, a lawyer who is representing a corporation and the specific issues that come up in that context. This did not show up on on hookah the last bar exam and as a result I feel it is a bit more likely).

Wills/Trusts I think is just about as likely for controversial essays, testing as Business Organizations. I am leaning towards perhaps a Trust formation issue somewhere on the exam. Analysis Of Boumediene. Again, these are my thoughts based upon controversial essays my studies of the test over many years. This is not a sure thing at all you should assume that anything could be tested. Is Harmful Essay. Constitutional Law could repeat and if it does : be on the look out for controversial essays, a fact pattern involving state taxation of interstate commerce. On Hookah. First Amendment was tested last time (mostly religion, but also speech). The First Amendment is heavily tested on the bar exam, this could repeat, so be sure to know your First Amendment Speech approach. Continue reading below this form for more predictions . Other Essays. . . For more insights, join our Bar Exam Tips and Predictions Email List and receive a free copy of our Evidence Handout, complete the form below: Be sure to select #8220;yes#8221; or #8220;no#8221; in english richard the drop down menus below and other controversial, click on the #8220;submit#8221; button at the bottom of the writing essay, form to be added to our list. Note: This handout will be available until July 31, 2014. Your contact information is safe we do not share, or sell your information.

Okay, back to possible areas of controversial essays testing . . . Hsc Belonging Essay. Civil Procedure could repeat: This topic was on the last bar exam and I think it could repeat. Remember, any topic can show up back to back on consecutive bar exams. You need to expect that better yet be prepared for other controversial essays, any topic. So, if Civil Procedure were to repeat, what is essays, perhaps the most likely? Well, the most commonly tested issues in civil procedure are jurisdictional issues (Personal Jurisdiction, Subject Matter Jurisdiction) as well as venue (generally always a very short issue in terms of how much time you should spend on it), removal (also a very short issue coverage) and controversial, collateral estoppel and res judicata. The last bar exam tested subject matter jurisdiction as well as final judgment rule and interlocutory appeals. So, what specifically do I think could come up in Civil Procedure? Always Personal Jurisdiction and Subject Matter Jurisdiction are likely since these areas are historical favorites for testing on the California bar exam. Essays On Hookah. I think it is other controversial essays, perhaps a bit more likely you might see personal jurisdiction over subject matter jurisdiction, but truly anything is question, fair game.

Make sure you know personal jurisdiction (minimum contacts analysis) in case this is tested. If Civil Procedure is tested again, what about California Civil Procedure? There are some areas that we just have not seen tested in a while (and many of these areas actually have a Federal/CA distinction). These areas that have been tested heavily historically but have not been tested recently are where I am leaning a bit more heavily for this bar round in the event that Civil Procedure repeats in July. The areas that I feel are particularly due include: Collateral Estoppel and Res Judicata (one of controversial essays my first picks if you were to have Civil Procedure on this bar exam) and the possible tack on type issues of: Notice and Code Pleading and/or Remittitur and Additur. See more detail below: Pleading issues like Notice and Code Pleading would not require a long discussion, but it is tested often and does include a Federal/CA distinction. Federal Courts utilize Notice Pleading and California follows Code (or what is also referred to as #8220;Fact#8221; pleading).

Another tack on area (by tack on I mean it is typically a shorter issue on your essay exam, not something that can make a full one hour essay) that I could imagine might be on this next bar exam is the concept of remitittur and additur . But, recognize that these #8220;tack on#8221; type issues of Notice/Code Pleading and Remittitur/Additur are typically short issues. What about Supplemental Jurisdiction? Sure, it can always be tested. BUT, bear in smoking mind that if supplemental jurisdiction is tested, it will likely be what I refer to as a #8220;tack on#8221; issue or call because it would not be a large part of the question, but rather a shorter call within an essay exam). Typically you would expect supplemental jurisdiction to come up in other controversial the context of a Federal Diversity Jurisdiction essay.

What about Class Actions? Class actions has not been tested in a very long time I keep thinking that is hsc belonging essay question, due, but, If you look at what is other essays, most often tested in Civil Procedure it is jurisdiction (PJ and SMJ and Venue, Supplemental Jurisdiction) and Collateral Estoppel and Res Judicata the absence of Class Actions does not necessarily mean it is for smoking, coming. So while class actions has been absent for many bar rounds, it is still no more likely in my mind, as jurisdiction or Collateral Estoppel and Res Judicata. But, if you were to essays, see a class actions issue, it is essay question, easy. Simply know the requirements, state each and address each separately (using separate headings for each requirement).

Incidentally be sure not to mix up Res Judicata and Collateral Estoppel make sure you know which one is issue preclusion and which one is other controversial essays, claim preclusion . Here is one way to keep the two straight: the #8220;C#8221;s do not go together in on hookah other words: Collateral Estoppel is Issue Preclusion and Res Judicata is other controversial, Claim Preclusion. Should you get tested on this area be certain to make note of the Analysis of Boumediene vs Bush, California (and minority) #8220;primary rights#8221; view with respect to claim preclusion. Controversial Essays. Okay, enough said about thesis statement for smoking speech, Civil Procedure! It may or may not show up, but if it does, I hope this post helps you. I will post more thoughts on possible areas for testing very soon. Other Controversial. In the meantime, keep at it. Believe in english yourself and stay positive . Maintaining a positive attitude in the days leading up to other, the exam is key. There is still a lot of time use it well. California Bar Exam Predictions: July 2013 Bar Exam Part One. First of all I want to wish you all the very best of luck in Analysis of Boumediene vs Bush your studies this week and I want to other controversial essays, thank you for following my blog.

I am truly humbled by the responses from examinees who have sent emails thank you so much. If you would like to essays, reach me directly, please feel free to send me an email at: Today, this blog will likely reach over 400,000 views. I am deeply humbled by the following. It truly gives me great satisfaction to controversial, be able to reach so many and to provide assistance to those who are in essay the midst of their bar studies. Other. If you have been following my blog you will know that I do not really like to essayist richard, call my #8220;predictions#8221; predictions. I do not claim to be able to predict the bar exam. I have simply come up with what I call essay scenarios that I think might be worth considering. In the controversial, coming days (today included) I will be releasing these essay scenarios. Know that no one can predict what will be tested on the bar exam.

And, anyone directing their studies completely around what someone has #8220;predicted#8221; is not making a sound bar exam prep decision. That being said, it cannot hurt to entertain potential essay scenarios especially if this causes you to seek out examples and to english essayist, improve the focus and other controversial, intensity of your review. Of Boumediene Vs Bush. You should, of course, be prepared for controversial, any subject as any subject can be tested. My commitment to my enrolled students : Please understand that my students who pay to english essayist richard, take my course do not appreciate it if I release our #8220;predictions#8221; weeks in advance to the world. They pay for the privilege of our insights at least they see it that way.

So it simply isn#8217;t fair to give away part of what they pay for to everyone else for free. In past rounds I have not made this available outside of our course. However, last year, after being asked over and over again, and after discussing it with my paying students (how they felt about other controversial, it) I decided to release #8220;predictions#8221; or possible essay scenarios. So here is the plan , As I have done in the past year, I will release the essay scenarios I have come up with over the coming days (one or two topics a day). To do anything else would really not be fair to my enrolled students. I hope you understand. So here are a few thoughts on what I think could be tested: Constitutional Law : Note : this was on my list of possible repeat topics for the last bar exam. It did not repeat and of Boumediene vs Bush, therefore, now that it has been skipped for an entire bar round, it is a subject that many are predicting.

I also think that Constitutional Law is controversial essays, a very likely subject for testing. Possible areas of testing within Constitutional Law: I think an essay that requires you to address the constitutionality of a statute (state or federal) which can then require you to address due process (both substantive due process and procedural due process), commerce clause, dormant commerce clause (if it is a state statute regulating an interstate activity). While this is help essay, not the only area that could be tested, it is an area that the essays, bar examiners have not tested as recently as some of the other testable areas. Free Handout: I provide a free downloadable approach for determining the constitutionality of thesis statement a state or federal statute – this approach will tell you when you should and should not address 11 Amendment immunity and controversial essays, provides a checklist of the order of things to go through in writing an is harmful essay exam like this – often students do not understand how a constitutional law question can bring up many different issues – 11th Amendment Immunity, Due Process, Equal Protection and Commerce Clause OR Dormant Commerce Clause can all very easily be tested on the same essay exam. So it is often not a matter of controversial which you discuss but, how quickly you can manage to discuss all of these topics. I will be making this handout available again through this blog later today. Evidence (or as I like to call it: Off to the races): Like most people would predict, I am leaning towards an hsc belonging Evidence exam. Transcript style has not been tested in some time so I would not be surprised if you see that. Bear in essays mind, most are predicting this topic. Analysis Vs Bush. As a result, most have given this area a bit of extra treatment in their review. Evidence essays are typically racehorse exams.

This is important to essays, keep in richard mind because you will need to work quickly and begin writing your answer as soon as possible to allow for other, enough time to vs Bush, address as many relevant (sorry for the bad pun) issues as possible. Essays. Be sure to know your form objections (for example: leading, non-responsive, assumes facts not in evidence, etc.). Essays. A great way to prepare for any essay tested subject is to review past essay exams. Other. This is statement, particularly true of Constitutional Law and Evidence. By reviewing past exams you can develop an efficient approach (which is controversial essays, necessary for both of these topics as both typically involve many issues on just one fact pattern). POSSIBLE REPEAT SUBJECTS APPEARING ON THE JULY 2013 BAR EXAM (third time could be a charm): Every bar round, the bar examiners repeat subjects from the 2009 hsc belonging essay, prior bar round. Controversial Essays. Therefore, you should not eliminate any topic or presume that a subject will not be tested this July simply because it showed up on the last bar round or, showed up on the last two consecutive bar rounds.

That#8217;s right subjects repeat sometimes back to essay, back three times. Civil Procedure has appeared back to other, back three times as have many other subjects. Therefore, I would not be surprised nor should you be surprised if you were to see either Civil Procedure OR Criminal Law tested again (for a third time in a row) on satirical essay the this next bar exam. Below are a few scenarios to consider should you see either Civil Procedure repeat or Criminal Law repeat: Civil Procedure could come up again: Some of the most commonly tested issues in civil procedure are: jurisdiction and collateral estoppel and res judicata . Other. Another area that has not been tested all that recently is supplemental jurisdiction (bear in mind that if supplemental jurisdiction is tested, it will likely be what I refer to of Boumediene vs Bush, as a #8220;tack on#8221; issue or call because it would not be a large part of the controversial, question, but rather a shorter call within an of Boumediene essay exam). Controversial. Typically you would expect supplemental jurisdiction to writing satirical, come up in the context of a Federal Diversity Jurisdiction essay. Class actions has not been tested in controversial a very long time I keep thinking that is due, but, If you look at what is most often tested in Civil Procedure it is essays on hookah, jurisdiction (PJ and SMJ and Venue) and Collateral Estoppel and Res Judicata, it is not all that unusual that it has not come up in a while. Still, it is an area (Class Actions) that I would be certain to other controversial essays, be familiar with in the event that it is essays on hookah, tested. Even though class actions has been absent for many bar rounds, it is still no more likely in my mind, than jurisdiction or Collateral Estoppel and Res Judicata. Other. What about California Civil Procedure?

Well, one area that has yet to be tested on the California bar exam is the area of SLAPP Suits and english essayist, Anti-Slapp Motions. I will write more about this possible area of testing in the coming days. In the meantime, I would give it a quick review. Civil Procedure Tip: Be sure not to mix up Res Judicata and Collateral Estoppel make sure you know which one is issue preclusion and which one is claim preclusion . Here is one way to keep the two straight: the #8220;C#8221;s do not go together in other words: Collateral Estoppel is Issue Preclusion and other, Res Judicata is Claim Preclusion. English Essayist Richard. Should you get tested on this area be certain to other, make note of the question, California (and minority) #8220;primary rights#8221; view with respect to claims.

If you need further explanation of the #8220;primary rights#8221; view please let me know and I will add a bit more here. Criminal Law especially crossed with Criminal Procedure could come up again: Criminal Law was tested last on the February 2013 bar exam and on controversial essays the July 2012 bar exam. Help. However, Criminal Procedure has not been tested recently and neither has a murder exam. Other. (The February 2013 exam tested accomplice liability heavily and did not include any criminal procedure and english essayist richard, the July 2011 exam tested larceny and other possession crimes but, no murder). As a result, I think that a Criminal Law murder exam, crossed with a significant amount of Criminal Procedure is a good possibility. I also think that an exam with only Criminal Procedure is other, possible as well. NOTE: I do not think it is incredibly likely that you will see both Criminal Law/Procedure and richard, Civil Procedure on the July 2013 bar exam. Controversial Essays. However, I do think that each is essays on hookah, as likely to show up so be sure to review both topics do not dismiss either subject. Okay, so that is other, it for 2009 essay question, now. Okay, well maybe not . . Other Essays. . Essays. make sure you know the other controversial essays, California tests for satirical essay, value enhanced separate property businesses (Van Camp and Pereira) . . . more on essays this (Community Property) soon (this should serve as a hint to one of the next topics on my #8220;predictions#8221; list). Question. In the essays, meantime, keep at it.

Believe in yourself and stay positive . Maintaining a positive attitude in the days leading up to the exam is key. There is still a lot of time use it well. Analysis. You should expect any topic and essays, be ready for any topic. Smoking Essay. To that end please read my prior posts about the importance of reading and other essays, studying past bar essays. Is Harmful. Clearly, no one should try to rely on other essays predictions to guide their studies. You simply need to know everything as well as you can. Still, I think it can be helpful to have some possible essay scenarios to keep in satirical essay mind especially in the few days leading up to controversial, the bar exam, just to statement for smoking, have something new to focus on. Then in the event that you see any of it, you will feel good. And the odds that some of the above will be on the exam is fairly high (and that is not because I have some crystal ball, it is simply because there are only so many subjects, a person could throw a dart and get at least some right).

I hope this is helpful. Please, please understand that I give this out at this time as a way to be helpful and also to controversial, respect my enrolled students who are, after all, entitled to receive this information first. I wish you all the very best of luck. Best of luck to you all!

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Dismantling America and Other Controversial Essays (Large Print 16pt

Look Into the other controversial essays, African Lion#x27;s Social Grouping. Research shows that females perform much better from an academic standpoint in a environment were they are able to hsc belonging essay question socialize. Girls helped one another to understand and complete the other controversial, in-class group work. The were able to accomplish problem solving, decision making, and calculations (Baker and Jacobs) just as in a lion's pride. The lionesses work together in vs Bush, every aspect of their life in order to help themselves and also to help the other controversial essays, pride. They hunt together, have cubs at the same time and assist one another while raising the smoking essay, cubs. Other Essays! In an all female environment, females become much more social and open while working towards a common goal. However in an all male environment, the males show much more hostility towards one another in group activities because of the competition for dominance. Which is why there are a significantly lower numbers of males in any animals' groupings, the competition for dominance takes over and the good of the group is compromised. Thesis! Therefore in classrooms modeling the 'ideal' female to male ratio of an average pride consists of one to four males and as many as 15 females (Packer, Scheel, and Pusey 1-19), a hierarchy is quickly establish along with a dominant male and female, allowing the others to fall in line. In the higher level mathematics course (by which I am basing my theory off), a dominant male is inarguably present.

The other males flock to him mentally and physically. Essays! This. . at a birth of vs Bush, a single child(Kahn, J. (n.d.). Drumming, the Backbone . Debate Central. Other! Retrieved March 2, 2011, from question, Other Essays! The djembe drum is illustrated as one of the most influential drums of Analysis of Boumediene, Africa. This drum is used in many celebrations, but it was originally created as a sacred drum to be played in healing ceremonies, ancestral worship, rites of passage warrior rituals, and social dances. Throughout all of Africa the other, drum is played primarily at nighttime. Drums are used in the daylight only on days of rest, or during mourning periods, which can last up to three months.

The more sacred the festivals and ceremonies, the more decorated the drums are. Special drums like these are more colorful and illuminating, and are treated as godly pieces of art. In Africa certain drums symbolize and protect royalty, they are often stored in sacred dwellings, so they are not harmed. Drumming is generally a males role, but women are known to statement play the drums in a “women only drum circle” during certain rituals. Their drums are less confusing than the other, males and made out of different materials. On Hookah! Drummers are respected by their villagers and treated as royalty. Several African children see drumming “as a way to controversial essays complete the inner self.” Becoming a drummer is english richard, a sign of maturity Children know by the age of 10 whether or not they have what it takes to become a honored drummer. Controversial! Below are pictures of the talking drum: Below are African djembe drums. Words: 628 - Pages: 3. . with higher self-monitoring and smoking is harmful essay adaptive individuals adjusting better to changes, and those with un-moderated high cognitive dissonance opting to withdraw from the group. In a nutshell, groups can be thought of as a dynamic social and organizational unit comprising of individuals interested in satisfying their needs in controversial, a mutually beneficial way, to an extent larger than possible by question, means of controversial essays, individual pursuits. The grouping behavior is also critically moderated keeping in mind certain sets of characteristics.

3. Review of literature Groups are a collection of individuals, however the basis on which these groups are founded are relationships. Relationships are the forces which explain group behavior and act as a cohesive agent and they have been attempted to be to depicted and fit in help satirical essay, a framework by Hinde. He takes into controversial account the help essay, type of relationship, its diverse characteristics, the age and social class of the participants, their individual histories, and so on, to arrive at generalizations at successive levels of analysis, each applicable to a particular range of relationships, subjects, or dimensions. Essays! [1]. Various theories have been devised to explain group development: Classical theory, developed by Homans, suggests that groups develop based on interactions, activities and sentiments. The more frequently people interact with one another, when no one individually initiates interactions more than others, the greater is their. Words: 2765 - Pages: 12. Look Into the African Lion#x27;s Social Grouping.

. We Can Learn a lot from Nature's own Organization: A Look into the African Lion's Social Grouping Forget single sex classrooms; in order for education to be most beneficial, classrooms should be modeled after a lion's pride. The understood order of the classroom activities and daily progress would allow a much more adequate environment for both student and teacher. A hierarchy should be established early in a classroom with a high female to male ratio. Research shows that females perform much better from an academic standpoint in a environment were they are able to socialize. Analysis Of Boumediene! Girls helped one another to understand and complete the in-class group work. The were able to accomplish problem solving, decision making, and calculations (Baker and Jacobs) just as in a lion's pride.

The lionesses work together in every aspect of their life in order to help themselves and also to help the pride. They hunt together, have cubs at the same time and controversial essays assist one another while raising the cubs. In an all female environment, females become much more social and thesis for smoking open while working towards a common goal. However in controversial essays, an all male environment, the hsc belonging essay question, males show much more hostility towards one another in group activities because of the competition for other controversial essays, dominance. Which is why there are a significantly lower numbers of males in any animals' groupings, the competition for dominance takes over and the good of the group is compromised. Therefore in classrooms modeling the 'ideal' female to 2009 male ratio. Words: 598 - Pages: 3. . postindependence elites, under the strong influence if not outright control of the other controversial, coalition of anti-communist Western great powers, put in place a form of satirical essay, political economy that precluded the massive allocation of surpluses to development that would have been necessary if Africa was to develop in a way that more rapidly reduced extreme poverty. The third part suggests that although economic theories of self-sustaining economic development are in disarray, the apparent take-off of the Chinese, Indian, and other Brazilian economies pushes us to look again at the “poverty trap” as an explanation of english essayist richard, African poverty. The fourth part uses two counterfactual hypotheticals to compare balkanization and perverse political economy as possible alternative explanations, and suggests that as between the two, the second was more important than the first. I. A. BALKANIZATION AS A CAUSE OF AFRICAN POVERTY Definition and essays Causes of english richard, Balkanization By “balkanization” I mean to denote the division of controversial, Africa into Analysis of Boumediene vs Bush dozens of other essays, independent states, corresponding to the borders consolidated by the colonial powers at the end of the nineteenth century.

It is an important aspect of statement speech, this order that the boundaries arbitrarily combined and essays divided major ethnic groupings, and that the thesis statement, newly independent countries varied enormously in other, size, population, natural resources, and english natural advantages such as access to deep-water ports or navigable rivers. Other Essays! The combination of resources, population, and access features for. Words: 12690 - Pages: 51. . Chapter 13: to essays on hookah kill a mocking bird * Scout asks Aunt Alexandra if she's come for a visit, and aunty says that she and Atticus have decided that it's best if she stays with them for a while, as Scout needs some feminine influence (13.10). Essays! * Scout does not agree with this, but keeps quiet about it. * In fact, Scout has trouble making any kind of conversation with her aunt. * That evening Atticus comes home and confirms Aunt Alexandra's reason for her coming to stay, though Scout thinks it's mostly her aunt's doing, part of her long campaign to do What Is Best For The Family (13.22). Essayist! * Aunt Alexandra is popular in Maycomb and takes a leading role in the feminine social circles, even though she makes obvious her belief that Finches are superior to everyone else (even though, as Jem says, most people in town are related to the Finches anyhow). * Aunt Alexandra is a firm believer in Streaks—each family has one (a Drinking Streak, a Gambling Streak, etc.), though Scout doesn't really understand her aunt's obsession with heredity. * It makes a kind of sense. The town is essays, far enough away from the river that forms the area's main transportation route means that hardly anyone ever moves to Maycomb or away from it. Families have known each other for generations, establishing the reputation for having streaks. * Scout mostly ignores her aunt, unless she gets called in to make an thesis appearance at controversial, a luncheon or tea. Thesis Statement For Smoking! * Alexandra also attempts to other essays instill. Words: 337 - Pages: 2. . YMCA of on hookah, Greater Toronto | February 252013 | | | Outline 1. History * Founded * How they became sucessful * Their Goal 2. Green Practices * Interal * Business * Community 3. Conclusion 4. References February 25, 2013 Catrina Mcbride Professor Algonquin College Subject: YMCA of other, Greater Toronto’s Green Practices Dear Ms. Mcbride: I am writing this report to you as a follow up to the proposal that I had wrote to you in the weeks before.

In this report I have gathered information on the the help, YMCA of Greater Toronto’s green practices, and the steps that they are are taking to ensure that their company is becoming more environmentally friendly. In the proceeding, I will have brought to your knowledge a brief history, internal and external green practices of controversial, this company. History Founded in 1844 during the Industrial Revolution by George Williams in London, England, the Young Men’s Christiand Association (YMCA) was an alternative to unhealthy social conditions. The first YMCA in North America was opened in 1851 in Montreal, Quebec but the first YMCA in Toronto started in 1888 when the first indoor YMCA pool was built. Was the YMCA always this succesfull? No, the YMCA was never this succesfull because when it first opened it was only vs Bush, available of other, Protestant churches. This did not last long, as soon enough people from all churches were welcome. Now people of all ages, religion and background are welcomed as they please. Words: 855 - Pages: 4. . peoples' rights and freedoms taking into account the importance traditionally attached to 2009 hsc belonging essay these rights and freedom in Africa; Have agreed as follows: Part I. Rights and Duties Chapter I. Human and controversial Peoples' Rights Article 1 The Member States of the Organization of African Unity parties to the present Charter shall recognize the rights, duties and freedoms enshrined in this Charter and shall undertake to adopt legislative or other measures to give effect to of Boumediene vs Bush them.

1 AFRICAN CHARTER ON HUMAN AND PEOPLES RIGHTS Article 2 Every individual shall be entitled to the enjoyment of the other controversial, rights and freedoms recognized and guaranteed in the present Charter without distinction of 2009 hsc belonging question, any kind such as race, ethnic group, colour, sex, language, religion, political or any other opinion, national and social origin, fortune, birth or other status. Article 3 l. Every individual shall be equal before the other essays, law. 2. Every individual shall be entitled to equal protection of the law. Article 4 Human beings are inviolable. Every human being shall be entitled to Analysis of Boumediene vs Bush respect for his life and the integrity of his person. No one may be arbitrarily deprived of this right.

Article 5 Every individual shall have the right to the respect of the dignity inherent in a human being and to controversial essays the recognition of his legal status. Essays! All forms of exploitation and other controversial essays degradation of man particularly slavery, slave trade, torture, cruel, inhuman of degrading punishment and treatment shall be prohibited. Article 6 Every individual. Words: 4659 - Pages: 19. African Drama as a Critique of Social Systems. . Samora Nyamongo Nyangau-C50/CE/24046/2013 Dr.J.K.S Makokha ALT811 Drama in 2009 essay, Africa Drama as a criticism of social systems with reference to selected plays of Efua Sutherland and Tewfik Al Hakims. Controversial! Criticism is the expression of disapproval of someone or something based on perceived faults or mistakes and help satirical essay also the analysis and judgment based on the merits and demerits of a particular system .In this essay the first definition will be appropriate considering the plays under scrutiny. Therefore, criticism of other controversial, social systems refers to the exposition of how various entities whether cultural or political in a society have flawed hence need restructuring to satirical essay have morality and sanity prevail. Poor leadership systems and other controversial essays barbaric cultural systems will be dissected with ample illustrations from four African plays revealing social injustices and oppressive cultures.

Social injustice is a relative concept concerning unfairness in hsc belonging question, a society in regard to the manner in which the leadership divides rewards and burdens .Tewfik Al Hakims’ plays The Sultans’ Dilemma and Song of Death will be used together with Mohammed Ben Abdallah’s The Verdict of the other, Cobra and of Boumediene Trial of controversial, Mallam Ilya. At the beginning of Sultan’s dilemma we learn that a stake has been set up to which a man condemned to death is tied. Help Essay! The Condemned Man is other essays, eager to know the hour of his execution as he refers to his execution as a joyous event to Analysis vs Bush the executioner. The executioner tells the Condemned Man when the Muezzin climbs to. Words: 4318 - Pages: 18. Look at Items a to C. How Are Social Control and Social Order Maintained in the Face of Social Inequality from and Conflict and Consensus Perspective. . Look at Items A to C. How are social control and social order maintained in the face of other essays, social inequality from, a) A conflict perspective: The conflict perspective emphasizes the role of the bourgeoisie and the proletariat, it sees the essay, role of the other controversial, bourgeoisie to gain as much profit as they can from the proletariat, even though this is seen as incredibly unfair in 2009 essay, the conflict perspective, it shows us that many of the people just accept the situation that they are in because they do not believe that they can ‘fight the other, system’ on how it is run. The bourgeoisie in Item B is seen to run by authority and 2009 dominance which can also be seen in !tem A with the image that is presented as the controversial essays, proletariat holding up every other social class that they can, but still get ‘back benched’ wages on what they earn over a lifetime in comparison. This perspective is derived from Analysis vs Bush, Karl Marx who believes that social inequality holds up capitalism with unfair and unjust roles in society that the people cannot go against. This can be seen from a quote in Item B which says ‘Its wealth comes in the form of capital produced by its exploitation of the subject class’ This really does show how the other controversial essays, proletariat are controlled through social control, it’s because they are hired and paid minimum wages from those higher classes than them, but it’s the only work that they can get as they are made to be kept in that lower class. Social control exists because the people who own the majority of the wealth and.

Words: 538 - Pages: 3. Social Problems and the Free Market: a Brief Look at Illegal Drugs and Its Market. . Writing Satirical Essay! Social Problems and the Free Market: A Brief Look at Illegal Drugs and Its Market Nicola Jones Baker Kaplan University Professor T. Ayanou, PhD February 17, 2015 The present research report seeks to show the relationship between a “free market” economy and the acquisition and dispensing of illegal drugs. Controversial Essays! This report will begin with a general look at what constitutes a “free market” economy and how its aspects of supply and essayist demand are the very cornerstones of other controversial essays, its existence. After discussing the essays, concepts of supply and demand, the author will then address how the tenants of supply and demand relate to individual freedoms and individual competitions. Following this section of the present report, the author will seek to discuss illegal drug markets. In the final and other closing section of this research report, the author will argue that the social problems created by illegal drug addiction could be managed in a “free market” economy that views addiction as a treatable disease rather than a criminal offense. The fundamental underpinning of a free market system is the competition it generates among those who are vying for english richard, the consumers’ dollars. The goal of the free market is for person (A) to provide a good or service that is wanted by customer (B). Person (A) and customer (B) then negotiate a price for that particular good or service.

If person (A)’s price is too high or the good or service is inadequate, customer (B) then has the right and freedom to go to. Words: 2670 - Pages: 11. . what he expected from controversial, African Americans because there are so many blacks representing this negative lifestyle and are proud of it. All the blood sweat and tears that African American ancestors shed for equality and thesis for smoking independence the other, word nigger is an insult and a disgrace to all African Americans who fought for this country. Martin Luther King said once that America would have a black president in the next 40 years or less and there is one.

President Barack Obama is the first black president and what have African Americans done with this great achievement? According to “War for statement for smoking speech, you Soul” The Master of Darkness stated “Barack Obama in the next four years will be a laughing joke because people will say you had a black president and look at you.” “Your ghettos have increased, your hopelessness have increased, your teen pregnancies have increased, your godlessness has increased.” We cannot move forward as a race when blacks are still using the word nigger to speak to one another, but would want to fight a white man or woman for using the word nigger again it does not make sense. We have to other move forward from essays, this degrading term that has been used to tear down African American spirits for other, over the last hundred years and 2009 essay it is other controversial, still tearing down the black community to this day. Ignorance is the reason why African Americans keep using the 2009 hsc belonging essay, word nigger. By keeping the word nigger alive all African Americans are doing is adding another whip to the backs of their great grandmothers.

Words: 1048 - Pages: 5. . Other Essays! African Music The art that derives from our sense of hearing is music. The basic elements of music are sound and silence. Essays! Music has many purposes within all societies. Most music performed by Africans is part of a social activity and is viewed as a sharing experience for everyone. African music is generally classified into two main style areas, which are Arab North Africa and sub-Saharan Africa. There are many unique regional music styles, including a immense influence from the Islamic faith which extends across the savanna Within African music, there are many types of percussion instruments, including the drums, clap-sticks, bells, rattles, slit gongs, struck gourds and clay pots, stamping tubes, and xylophones.

There are two basic types of xylophone. The frame xylophones, in which the keys are attached to a frame. The lamellaphone, which is also known as the thumb piano, is found throughout the continent of Africa. Other! The mbira, kalimba, and likembe, are a series of metal or bamboo strips mounted on a board or box. African drums come in many shapes and sizes. Wood, pans, and on hookah pottery are used to construct drum bodies. The membranes are usually made from animal skins. Controversial Essays! There are many types of African drums which range from drum-chimes, friction drums, and the African wind instruments include flutes, whistles, oboes, and trumpets. Panpipe ensembles are seen in Central Africa, and globular flutes.

Words: 1606 - Pages: 7. . bathrobe over her naked body – My friend had been staring at the woman, but was a little ashamed when he realized that nobody else had given the essayist richard, woman a first glance, much less a second. “ Siri Hustvedt had en Iranian friend, who’d taken the bus, when the bathrobe-lady stepped into the bus. The Iranian friend wasn’t from New York, so he/her was shocked by other, her different dress code, and he/her couldn’t understand why no one else was looking at her with a judging look, but that’s just the way it works in New York; Pretend it isn’t happening. “And acting, as everyone in the city knows, can be dangerous. It is usually better to treat the unpredictable among us as ghosts, wandering phantoms who play out their lonely narratives for an audience that appears to be deaf, dumb and blind.” Pretend it isn’t happening, or it could be a danger to yourself or your loved ones. To have an opinion knowing that you can’t say it out lout, but you’ll have to ignore it to be assured that you’re safe. Moving from Minnesota to 2009 hsc belonging essay question New York out of Siri Hustvedts experiences sound like it’s hard to other controversial essays fit in, when you’re used to an open community. Siri Hustvedt describes it as they are living in a play, and all the citizens of New York have their own role to play; the insane, the deaf and blind etc. “There are moments, however, when a smile or a well-timed comment may change the course of what might otherwise be a sorry event.” Siri Hustvedt here admits that it’s not all bad to is harmful live in the big city. Words: 689 - Pages: 3. . African Ethics A hateful misconception of African Culture ethics and other controversial essays thought is that it is fundamentally primitive, unsystematic, unsophisticated, and lacking rigid philosophical analysis. An additional stereotype in African thought is it cannot have a real system of ethics due to the behavior dictated by local customs. To label African ethics in this way forms a huge disregard to the rich African indigenous heritage and traditional ethos. The African ethos are based upon tradition, authority, and well-being of their communities. Just currently living in one place is not considered an for smoking speech African community.

An African community consists of those who are living and have lived and other controversial essays dies, known as ancestors. African ethics is very complex considering that there is fifty-three nations and help writing satirical almost twelve hundred diverse groups. Other! This leads to difficulties regarding generalizing anything as African perspectives or thought. African culture is diverse and detailed in areas such as polygamy, identity, authority, customs, morality, and religion. In African ethics, behavior is dictated by local customs. This brings confusion to people between customs and morality. Of Boumediene! Customs are like social rules, they are either explicit or implicit, social rules reflect values. Not all social values have moral rules behind them. For example a social values in controversial, African cultures would be a beautiful speech, which is logical, but it is not considered immoral if one is to lack in value. When it comes to. Words: 801 - Pages: 4. . Strategic Grouping in is harmful, Leading Organization Design Assignment#2 TMGT 597 01W Organization Design Business Decisions Presented to: Dr.

Jerry D. Parish, Professor of Technology Management August 10, 2015 Abstract: Organizational design process is explained here in the research report with the help of “leading organization design process” authored by by Kates and Kesler. This research report does clearly provide the information regarding the essays, key roles and involvement of smoking is harmful, right people in other controversial essays, the organization design process. Organizational design process is an act the design of the organization is done to lead the organization for the better growth and innovation of the essays on hookah, firm. Other Essays! Organizational design process has to be very carefully observed by the high level management in the firm. Key roles in design process are explained here in Analysis, the research report and the involvement of the right people in other controversial, the design process is also explained. Essayist Richard! Involvement of right people in deign process is explained by other essays, four types of approaches. Kates and Kesler did give us a perfect idea regarding the deign process in the book authored by them.

So let us have a look at the information provided by them and have a clear idea of design process betterment.

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Financial Analysis: Nike Essay Sample. Nike is an American multinational organization which has worldwide presence and other controversial, their principal business is design, development and worldwide marketing and selling of high quality of footwear, apparel, equipment, accessories and services. It is the largest provider of thesis for smoking speech athletic shoes and sports equipments worldwide. It is other, headquartered in Washington County, Oregon in the USA. It was founded way back in 1964 as Blue Ribbon Sports by Phil Knight and Bill Bowerman. It eventually became NIKE Inc. in 1978. It features in Fortune 500 companies of the world with revenues of over US$ 24 billion. It is a public firm and it is satirical essay, listed on NYSE stock exchange as NIKE. They sell their products to retail accounts through NIKE owned retail outlets and Direct To Consumer, an controversial, internet channel, and through a mix of independent distributors and licensees in approximately 190 countries around the world. Their products are manufactured by independent contractors. They manufacture all of their footwear and apparel products outside the United States while equipment products are also produced inside the United States apart from foreign countries.

They offer wide range of products and their offerings are divided into mainly seven categories like Running, Basketball, Football, Men’s Training, Women’s Training, NIKE Sportswear, and Action Sports. Essays! Apart from these seven categories, they also market their products for kids as well as sports like golf, cricket, baseball, tennis, lacrosse, volleyball, walking and wrestling. They also sell their products through four wholly owned subsidiaries: * Cole Haan headquartered in New York, USA. * Converse Inc headquartered in Massachusetts, USA. * Hurley International LLC headquartered in California, USA * Umbro International Limited headquartered in Cheadle, UK As part of their long term plan, they continually evaluate their existing portfolio of business to ensure highest returns. Nike also sponsors many high profile sports personalities and teams in varied range of essays sports with the highly recognized trademarks of “Just Do It” and Swoosh logo. Taking the english essayist above information into consideration, one can understand how business model of Nike can quickly complicate an audit. Now let us proceed to analyze important portions of the Nike audit. Analyzing Nike’s 10-K.

a. Nike operates in footwear, apparel, sports equipments, accessories and services industry. b. Primary Products as discussed above can be divided into seven main categories: Apart from controversial essays, these, they also market products designed for kids and other athletic and recreational uses in essayist richard sports such as baseball, cricket, tennis, volleyball, lacrosse, outdoor activities, golf, American football, walking and wrestling. They also sell sports apparel and accessories for most of the above categories as well as athletic bags and other controversial, accessory featuring same Nike logo. They also sell socks, sport balls, eyewear, timepieces, digital devices, bats, gloves, protective equipment, golf clubs, and other such sports equipments designed for various sports. Apart from all these they fully own four subsidiaries as per mentioned above. They sell dress and casual wear for men and women under Cole Haan brand, athletic and casual footwear, apparel under Converse brand, action sports and lifestyle apparels under Hurley brand and finally athletic and casual footwear and apparel especially for football under Umbro brand. c. The main raw materials used in footwear products are: * Natural and synthetic rubber. * foam cushioning materials.

* polyurethane films used to make Air Sole cushioning compounds The main materials used in apparels products are: * Natural and synthetic fabric and help writing, threads. * plastic and controversial essays, metal hardware. * Specialized performance fabrics designed to repel rain, heat or efficiently transport body moisture. Nike’s independent suppliers and contractors buy these raw materials to manufacture footwear, apparel and other equipments in bulk. Most raw materials are purchased by suppliers and contractors from the country of manufacturing and hence Nike has limited control over it. This is a difficulty Nike faces managing its suppliers and contractors. d. Is Harmful! Nike is the leading company within its industry ahead from Adidas, Reebok, Puma and few others of its competitors. Controversial! Sales: Total revenues for the year stood at US$ 24128 million with North America Region contributing highest at US$ 8839 million followed by Western Europe and emerging markets such as countries like Brazil, India and other Asian countries and central China contributing almost US$ 2539 million at third place. Question! Footwear category was the other highest contributor to for smoking overall sales at US$ 13426 million followed by apparel at US$ 6336 million and equipment business at controversial, US$ 1202 million.

Assets: Total assets rose by 3% during 2011-12 and essayist, stood at US$ 15465 million. Main contributors to total assets were Inventories of US$ 3350 million and accounts receivables at US$ 3280 million. Cash and Fixed assets followed these two in assets category and were the other controversial third and fourth contributors in total assets. The amount of account receivables is for smoking speech, very high for a company to manage and hence Nike should deal with it carefully. Employees: As on May 31, 2012, Nike has 44000 employees globally, including all the retail and part-time employees. Management’s relationship is very good with employees and very few numbers of employees are engaged in forming unions that too in emerging economies and other essays, the USA, certain amount of Cole Haan employees are represented by a trade union. Till date, there has been never a case of material interruption to operations due to labor disagreements. It is a very good sign for a company to keep its employees satisfied and motivated as it is the core strength of any organization apart from its expertise in product line. e. Nike has its headquarters in Washington County, Oregon in the USA. Apart from this Nike has its presence in many countries and help writing, sells its products almost everywhere.

It has marketing and selling channels in other 190 countries of the world which can be considered as a strong supply chain network in itself. Hsc Belonging Question! f. Key stakeholders of Nike include its major shareholders in terms of its key executives, other top institutional holders and mutual fund holders. Top direct holders include Parker Mark G, Dununzio Ralph, and Denson Charles among few. Vanguard Group and FMR LLC hold roughly 5-5% of other shares of on hookah Nike Inc in institutional investors’ category. Growth Funds of America Inc and Fidelity Contrafund Inc are the major holders in mutual fund category with share of 4 and 3 per cent respectively. Nike manufactures all of other its footwear from outside the US. It has contracted suppliers in China, US, Vietnam and smoking is harmful, Indonesia. They also have manufacturing capabilities built in India, Argentina, Brazil and Mexico to manufacture footwear for sale in controversial essays these countries. The main reason for having manufacturing in help writing satirical such countries is to utilize cheap labor and raw materials cost. g. Other Controversial Essays! Item 1 gives general overview of the Analysis company and other such details like industry type, operations, location, and global presence of the company. It also gives us details about its depth and controversial, width of product line, sales and marketing details and its position in the US and smoking is harmful essay, international markets.

In operational front, it gives us details related to company’s manufacturing facilities, research and development, customers, trademarks and patents, and competition. It also gives us broad overview of their employees and management’s relationship with them. Item 1A lists out various risk factors associated with companies business. Few of the other controversial essays risks listed here include intense competition, failure to maintain their reputation and brand image, inability to thesis speech anticipate consumer behavior and new product development as few. Outside information about company and the industry: a. There are various economic factors affecting sports footwear and apparel industry. We have listed few of the major issues affecting this industry: Global Economic slowdown and high cost pressure: In last few years post 2008, the world is controversial, going through economic slowdown. Global Economies have not yet recovered from 2008 recession. Global demand is low and there are high cost pressures for companies to speech survive in such challenging times. Other Controversial Essays! The companies have to find out ways to produce cheaper products from emerging markets to keep their bottom lines unaffected. Essayist! Low price completion pressures from retailers: The retail sector is very price sensitive.

However, most of its income is derived from selling into retailers. Retailers tend to offer a very similar experience to the consumer. So margins tend to get squeezed as retailers try to pass some of the low price competition pressure onto Nike. Exchange Rate risks: Nike is exposed to the exchange rate risks as it manufactures most of its products from outside US and sells it in international markets. Fluctuations in currencies can severely harm profits of Nike. b. Nike has its presence in other essays 190 countries of the world and offers range of products in footwear, apparel and sports equipment categories. The industry is Analysis vs Bush, said to controversial be in the maturity stage as it has to rely highly upon global economic turnaround and 2009 essay question, increase in income of the households by controversial, significant margins. Hsc Belonging Question! Nike is at the stage of early maturity where innovations in products are required with high cost improvements. c. Brand Recognition: The sports apparel and footwear business is highly affected by brand recognition among consumers. Other Controversial! The customers are highly sensitive to brands, and therefore brand building; enhancing and recognition are one of the important success factors for this industry.

Quality of Products: The consumer purchases in this industry suggest that consumers highly value quality products as their purchases are not frequent. Consumers prefer high quality product with less importance to product pricing. Also quality of the product is indirectly related to brand equity and hence is the statement for smoking speech important success factor for this industry. Marketing Channels: Effective marketing and advertising can lead to increased sales and increased goodwill for company’s brand in the minds of the consumers. Companies need to spend heavily in marketing and promotional activities for increased revenues and controversial essays, profits. Distribution channels: To develop and maintain efficient distribution channel can also be another success factor for sports footwear and apparel industry seeing its product types. Customer Relationships/Satisfaction: As brand image plays significant role for product purchase and repurchase in help satirical this segment, to have a strong relationships and high level of satisfaction among consumers is other essays, a critical factor. Entry Barriers: There are high entry barriers for new players as currents players have already established them in Analysis of Boumediene the global markets with major chunk of the other controversial essays market share enjoyed by few top players. They have very strong brand equity and image which enhances entry barriers further. d. For the Nike Inc, Brand Recognition: Nike is the Analysis of Boumediene leading brand in its segment and enjoys highest levels of brand recognition. Quality of other Products: Nike knows pretty well that to have the advantages of strong brand recognition, product quality is very necessary.

They produce quality products and invest significant portion of their profits into new product development and RD. Marketing: Effective advertising and promotional strategies are very important in this business and hence Nike has few of the biggest sports celebrities as their brand ambassadors. Distribution Channels: Nike manufactures its products in few low cost nations and supplies them into global markets in almost 190 countries. It can be said that they have very strong distribution channels for their offerings. Customer Satisfaction: Nike enjoys highest level of customer satisfaction compared to its competitors. Over the years, they have developed strong brand name for their products on account of high customer satisfaction and repeat buyers. e. Five major business risks related to client business and industry: * Intense Competition: Nike is a consumer products company and the relative popularity of various sports and on hookah, fitness activities play an import role in demand for their products. Other Essays! Product innovations and changing design are the other risks related to demand weakening. * Failure to maintain brand image: As brand image plays an important role within the industry, any loss to brand name can hamper their businesses significantly. * Global Capital and Credit Market conditions: Global economic condition is Analysis of Boumediene, another factor which affects demand for these types of products. In the times of recession and slowdown, this industry is bound to show flat sales. * Business Model: The way they conduct their business i.e. manufacture at few places abroad and supply in controversial multiple global markets is exposed to essays on hookah higher risks as they have no say in regulatory policies of individual countries. * Inability to controversial essays anticipate consumer preferences and new product developments: In the times of global slowdown and fiercely competitive industry, continued customer satisfaction is of utmost importance. They should anticipate changing customer preferences and develop new products to tap new customers and retain current. f. As the industry spends millions of dollars in advertising and promotional activities, these costs are included in the head Demand Creation Expenses.

Advertising production costs are expensed when first time advertising is run on writing, television or other media. Also, endorsement payments are expensed on a straight line basis over the term of contract and prepayments paid to controversial contractors are included in prepaid expenses. Richard! Also, Inventory valuation is done in other controversial a way that it is stated at lower of cost or market and valued on average cost basis. Depreciation and amortization of assets used in manufacturing, warehousing and product distribution are recorded in cost of sales. Depreciation and amortization of other assets are recorded in selling and administrative expense. g. Loss of reputation: Adverse publicity about regulatory or legal action against Nike can harm their brand image and undermine customer’s confidence in them leading to demand fall for their products. Government Regulations in Manufacturing Countries: Any changes in regulatory policies of countries where Nike’s manufacturing plants are located can seriously affect their supply side of the business. Nike should continuously study and assess business environment within these countries. Smoking! h. Other! No direct control on compliance issues: There may be cases of inferior quality and labor exploitation at Nike’s suppliers or contractors organizations.

Nike does not have direct control over them and it may in turn affect reputation of Nike and their business. Nike should encourage their suppliers and help satirical, contractors to follow their ethical code of conduct. Waste Management: There is other controversial, large amount of waste generation in footwear manufacturing which affects environmental sustainability and loss of vs Bush brand image in society due to improper environmental practices. Being leader of the industry, they should set example to other have better practices and standards that do not deteriorate environment. Analyzing Financial Strength of smoking is harmful essay Nike. a. Essays! Nike’s strategy is to achieve long term revenue growth by creating innovative and essay question, must have products with aim of building great brand image in the minds of consumers and giving them enhanced experience at their retail stores and outlets. Despite ongoing challenges of global economies, they have achieved their revenue targets during 2012. They have been able to achieve revenues of US$ 24 billion in 2012 which are highest figures till date. There revenues grew by 24% on YoY basis whereas income grew by 4% to almost US$ 2.2 billion. They have been able to achieve earnings per share of $4.73 which shows 8% increase on other, YoY basis. b. Company continuously assesses their portfolio of businesses and changes investment patterns based on future prospects and their long term business and corporate strategy.

While there are concerns of essay increased input costs and greater foreign exchange volatility during fiscal 2013, but Nike foresees opportunities to drive future growth and expects moderate to high growth in the next fiscal to support their long term strategies. Other Controversial Essays! c. Sources of Capital: Till 2016, the company has entered into a contract with syndicate bank to finance their operations up to US$ 1 billion and which can be further increased to US$ 1.5 billion with lender approval. They have managed to achieve credit ratings of A+ and A1 from SP and Moody’s respectively. Company is considered to be good among financial institutions for thesis for smoking lending. Downgrading in these ratings can increase their borrowing costs which can affect their businesses significantly. They have additional source of capital in the form of commercial paper which finance their operations up to US$ 1 billion. They have current assets of almost US$ 11.5 billion and accounts receivables form a large portion of it. The company is expecting to borrow from capital markets at similar rates and does not see any increase in interest rates costs in near term future. d. Company has been able to manage revenue growth of 16% whereas net income rose by 4%.

These factors gave investors many reasons to hold the stock. The stock was trading at around US$ 83 last year which has increased to roughly US$ 100. The company has seen 8% rises in earnings per share. Investors still have high confidence in Nike and many analysts recommend Nike stocks to hold at current levels. e. The Nike Inc. has been able achieve higher earnings on account higher sales which rose by 16% YoY basis. The growth of the other net income was negatively affected by increase in tax rates. However, EPS grew by almost 8% during fiscal 2012 which was much higher than the growth in net income. Statement For Smoking! The growth in earnings was on account of decrease in total number of outstanding shares of the company. f. Other Essays! The rivalry in the current sports footwear and apparel industry is very high. Nike competes with numerous big brands like Adidas, Reebok, Puma, and Woodland etc. on multiple product categories. Help Writing Satirical! However, Nike’s position in the industry is well established and other essays, the company leads in terms of revenues, market share and profits within this industry.

Few points of concerns are recent takeover of Reebok by Adidas and pricing of Nike products which is higher than Adidas. Other point to be noted here is english, that company has lost its market share in its home country to its competitors. Broad Audit Plan: a. Nike’s operations deal with all of the major transaction cycles. However, the material transaction cycles which Nike is involved in include Sales and Accounts Receivables cycle, the inventory cycle, and accounts payable cycle to mention few. Other Essays! By looking at Nike’s balance sheet one can understand that cash and equivalents and accounts receivables form a large portion of their current assets as well as total assets. It increase the importance that an thesis for smoking speech, auditor should place on the affected accounts within these cycles during his test of control, testing of controversial essays transactions, and verification of yearly account balances of these accounts.

Therefore, an writing essay, auditor has to pay due preliminary judgments on the materiality of other essays Sales and Collection cycles, inventories and Analysis of Boumediene, payables cycles, capital acquisition and repayment of debt. Another account on the balance sheet that accounts for essays almost 20-22% of total available business assets is the inventories account. Due to such a high level of 2009 inventories in balance sheet, it is other controversial essays, easier for thesis for smoking speech the company to overstate or understate such items. The auditor should pay careful attention to other essays these accounts and verify inventory levels at random locations for the company and make judgments. Richard! As Nike operates in almost 190 countries with many warehouses it is practically impossible to get overall idea of the inventory levels but auditor can verify it by auditing at least 25-30 warehouses for accounts matching.

Nike’s operations also involve risks associated with high revenue accounts and auditor should make sure that revenue accounts are not recorded until inventories are shipped, invoices are made in response to an order and amount, volume and timing of these entries are correct. The auditor should also ask for other controversial essays supporting documents for any unconventional recording of data into sales accounts. The auditor should also pay attention to thesis statement for smoking payables cycles and accrued liabilities which constitute large portion of current liabilities of the company. The auditor should look out for other any understatement of amount in such data in last one year. Prepaid expenses of the company have increased significantly from last year by almost 50% and question, it forms roughly 7-8% of total business assets. The auditor should ask for all the necessary documents and supporting invoices of controversial different accounts under this head.

In the essays on hookah balance sheet of Nike, they have paid 50 million US$ debt in last one year and auditors should ask and verify for these details too. Additionally he should also review capital accounts, retained earnings account and overall shareholder’s equity. b. High Risk Areas: c. Low Risk Areas: * Collection and Payables cycles. * Cash and other, Prepaid Expenses. * Long Terms debt account. d. Analysis Of Boumediene Vs Bush! If subjected to other controversial tremendous pressure, Nike’s management has the opportunities of overstating current and fixed assets, Revenues, Goodwill estimates. They may also understate cost of goods sold and other operating and overhead expenses, short term and help writing, long term liabilities, and deferred income taxes accounts. They may also exaggerate investing accounts and thus increasing overall business assets of the firm. Thus under extreme pressures the management may perform any of the activities mentioned above and misstate the amount of financial statements. The auditor has to keenly observe such entries and try to find out any irregularities. Controversial! e. According to for smoking us, the extent to which assessed risks of Nike can be reduced is moderate to low. There are no significant changes in controversial essays internal controls over last one year.

One can see that, Nike has implemented COSO as their framework for evaluation with the help of CFO and CEO of the company and english essayist richard, found internal controls to be satisfactory. But these controls are sufficient to prevent reasonable amount of frauds and not all of them. Other Controversial! It does not give assurance as these controls are susceptible to manipulation and frauds especially in the case of frauds done by the collusion of two or more people. f. Nike manufactures its products in low cost manufacturing countries outside the US and sells its products in international markets of 190 countries. It fully owns four subsidiaries out of which 3 operate from within US and one from UK. It is important to carry out audit procedures of Nike from US headquarters as many strategic decision, high level planning, and exchange of information take place through it. All the necessary data needed to vs Bush conduct audit procedures can be made available from other controversial essays, US office in Oregon. But during the help writing essay testing phase of audit, auditors should also plan to verify these details by controversial essays, visiting operations of english essayist richard all four subsidiaries in random location and other major retail outlets and warehouses over the world. A large number of locations is always better to have fair idea about other controversial essays, validity and on hookah, applicability of Nike data. g. Other Essays! According to us, the auditor would issue opinion as per below: * The current internal controls at Nike are adequate and are in line with COSO * The financial statements are in accordance with US GAAP accounting standards with increased transparency after new guidelines by FASB in April, 2011. * Management properly signed off on all the requirements. First step of the project was deciding the of Boumediene vs Bush company on which the analysis is to be carried out.

We had a meeting to discuss it and chose Nike Inc as the other controversial essays company for analysis of 10-k filings. Help Essay! Second step of the project was to study 10-k report of Nike Inc by all the group members and then decide on work allocation. We wanted to divide work equally among group members and hence first asked for the preferences of group members for other controversial essays individual sections and then accordingly distributed the work. Hsc Belonging! We also decided on a deadline by which all the group members have to complete their work. After completion of individual parts we explained our understanding and controversial essays, analysis to english other member and other essays, did few changes. We integrated the work, did necessary formatting and then did a final group review of the project. Is this the perfect essay for you? Save time and order Financial Analysis: Nike. essay editing for only $13.9 per page.

Top grades and quality guaranteed! Relevant essay suggestions for Financial Analysis: Nike. 1. Strenghts: -Low manufacturing cost since the manufacturing chain comes from hsc belonging essay question, south Asia were labor costs are low. -Since Nike does not own the physical factories, production can be switch… Nike/Adidas: Key factors that influence success of Nike and Adidas, Swot Analysis. Brand awareness is controversial essays, one of the biggest assets that athletic shoe companies as Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Fila can have.

Brand awareness always brings a considerable advantage in getting consumer’s attention… History Nike in 1962, started as Blue Ribbon Sports, as its Founder member, Phil Knight thought there was a market for english athletic shoes designed by athletes for athletes. In the… Under Armor case Study. 1. Competitive Rivalry Within The Industry Medium to other essays High Bargaining Power Of Customers (Medium) They have wholesale and end customers as well as independent salesagents in different countries Threat Of… Swot Analysis Of Adidas.

Adidas sports wear competes in on hookah the most competitive market. The sports apparel industry has been Nikes market. Over the past years Nike has gain a competitor in Adidas. Adidas is… An Analysis of the Mission, Vision, Values, and other controversial essays, Goals of Nike.

The main reason for an organization’s existence is to follow through on the mission, vision values, and goals taking into considerations all key stakeholders. However, every company has different set…

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Ever Wonder Why? And Other Controversial Essays: Thomas Sowell

Custom The Effects of Truancy on other our Children essay paper. Truancy is an statement for smoking speech, extremely essential problem in other controversial, a lot of areas such as families, schools and children. In any given day, it is estimated that sixty four thousand children skip school without mandate. This vice can seriously affected future life opportunities and english essayist, has been linked to a whole range of difficulties, such as the use of other, drugs like marijuana, education disadvantage, criminal behavior, teenage pregnancy, unemployment in later life and the habit to english essayist richard, perpetuate a cycle of truancy in the next generation. Effects of these problems and the cost to both societies can be considerable. This proposal will be aimed at researching a literature review and research evidence to determine which steps should be taken to reduce the controversial, number of on hookah, young people who are becoming truants. Additionally, the proposal highlights methods and other, procedures that will be taken to determine the best measures that will reduce the use of english essayist, marijuana and other drugs in future.

The Effects of Truancy on our Children. The purpose of this research is to investigate and explore effects of truancy and the marijuana use and other, their relationship. Smoking! Truancy has inferences not only to education, but also to controversial, other aspects of community and other government initiatives to advance employment prospects, social inclusion, urban rebirth, youth crime and statement, safer cities. It is also clear that causes and effects of absence, which appear from this current study, are often interrelated, but also contested. The overall message is that some pupils appear to be caught in a cycle of the poor attendance, which influences their attainment and position towards school and leads to essays, the successive unauthorized absence. On Hookah! Absenteeism or truancy has been a common problem faced by many schools globally whether they are urban or rural.

Over the last few decades, it has been well thought-out as a disciplinary problem that has been taking place. Truancy has come into sight as one of the essays, disciplinary problems with the highest number of teenagers involved. The use of any drug has some risks attached, and on hookah, marijuana is a drug which is other neither a demon nor a benign substance. As well as all substances, it is vital to contrast between the regular, casual and heavy use, with downbeat effects being more likely with heavier use. Studies of effects are hindered, because marijuana is often used in amalgamation with other substances, mainly tobacco. It can also cause mental health problems. Truancy may be caused by the peer pressure: the divorce in english essayist richard, the family, mental or physical health problems, abuse or neglect, drug or alcohol abuse by one of parents and/or the student, low self-esteem, financial issues, lack of friends, bad academic performance, safety concerns which can include the mental pressure or threats and intimidation and boredom. Truancy has made many teens involve themselves in drugs, mostly marijuana.

Canadian teens are among the highest who have issues with this drug. Research demonstrates that teens may use marijuana as a way of: demonstrating their independence, taking risks and satisfying their curiosity, seeking new and exciting experiences, developing strong peer bonds, developing values distinct from controversial essays parental and societal authority. When inhaled, it produces a variety of effects that include a sense of well-being, a feeling of help, relaxation, enhanced sociability, distortions in sense of time, difficulty in concentrating, hearing and vision, and at higher doses visual hallucinations. Essays! Other effects include; increased heart beat rate, increased appetite, reddening of eyes, sedation and decreased muscle tone. The scope of these effects and for smoking speech, the real user’s experience will be determined by the number of essential factors that may contrast very much. Truant may cause to a lot of effects to teens which include: the decrease in earning ability, the daytime crime involvement, such as entering or breaking into one’s building, shoplifting, vandalism, dropping out of controversial essays, studies. It increases the essays on hookah, chance of the pupil to be on welfare, the other controversial essays, involvement in different kinds of english essayist, gangs, problems with catching up at school, failing and missing classes, the risk of controversial essays, not getting a higher education. The truancy affects the entire class when the teacher slows down in order to writing essay, help the student. An increase in crimes results in more victims, an increased cost even to the community for the welfare costs to society and an additional law enforcement.

Truancy has increased negative effects on our children due to victimization, anti-social behavior, different in social classes, different family structure, personality, family issues and neighborhood deprivation and has led to increased misuse of other controversial essays, substance on our children. Research will use variables for analysis of Analysis, effects of truants and marijuana on teens. Other Controversial! Example of these variables includes: anti-social behavior, school, parenting, victimization, personality, social class, family structure, neighborhood deprivation and thesis speech, substance misuse. These include continuous variable and will be used to determine the volume of drugs and how many times in past years teens have used marijuana, volume of smoking and drinking alcohol. In addition, categorical variable will be used to determine whether teens have used drugs in the past years. It will also determine the period when they smoke; either they smoke marijuana daily or weekly. Truancy is defined as an unexcused absence from school by a minor that exceed the number of such absences allowed under the state law.

Truancy is a prevalent predicament facing societies today. One should consider following facts: teenagers who are truant truly increase the danger for dropping out school. High school dropouts are more likely not to find jobs, on welfare, or to end up drinking. Truancy has been also identified as a risk factor to teenagers. It is an early warning sign of students with probable criminal activities, education failure, through suspension, social isolation or dropping out. Various theories have explained the cause of truancy. For example, a Sociological Study stipulates that individual get to other, extent of wrongdoing because of lack of effective social management agencies. Besides this, it also stipulates that criminal activities on our children are from low income and worsen areas.

George Herbert mead’s role theory states that of the self states that a student bad behavior has to be associated with individual who violates the law. According to Albert Cohen’s Middle-Class Measuring Role and Working-Class Boy theory, teens have been tackled with limitation to access their goal with constraint of legitimate avenues. 1) To evaluate the smoking essay, best research design methods that will be used to controversial essays, determine the effects of vs Bush, truancy on our children. 2) To research on the methods that will be use in the collection of data. 3) To investigate on effects cause and effects of truancy on our children. 4) To report on essays best finding and english essayist richard, recommendation that would reduce truancy on controversial essays our children. 1) Whatare the essayist, methods used to determine the effects of truancy on our children. 2) What are the techniques of other controversial, collecting data on effects of essays, truancy on our children. 3) What are the effects and cause of truancy on other our children.

4) Writing a proposal. Many institutions are using tough measures to keep kids in class. For instance, some governments are now passing through the regulation allowing the police to issue an illustration to either the truant or the parent, which can upshot in 30 days in jail or $500 fine for for smoking speech the parent and suspension of the teenager's license to drive(Robert, 2007) . Court-Based and Court Diversion Programs control the power of the court, in order to harmonize and oversee the delivery of controversial essays, services that are acknowledged for the truant youth, and often for the family, as well. Example of this court is Truancy Court Diversion Project, which uses family courts as the way to provide an Analysis, expansive array of services to families. Findings of this information come from the U.S. Department of National Center for Education Statistics. They conducted several studies and have put into paper the association between the truancy and drug use. The statement from Maryland Center for Substance Abuse Research researched that 51 % of feminine juvenile are detected not at school at controversial, the time of arrest when they are tested positive for the use of drug. Another research conducted by the U.S. Department of Justice's Drug Use Forecasting Program discovered that more than half (53 %) of the english essayist richard, group of 403 male detainees in San Diego were tested positive for the drug use when they were taken to other, the juvenile hall. Kids who were absent at school were likely (67 % versus 49 %) to be tested positive for the drug use than those who attended (Daniel, 2008).

School-based programs have been implemented and assessed for the truancy reduction. The Multnomah County, Ore., School Attendance Initiative (SAI) is a no punitive, culturally suitable approach to help students maintain the is harmful, regular attendance. Controversial! One of 2009 hsc belonging question, SAI’s goals is to identify attendance problems early, so they would not become serious (Johannes, 1997). Another school-based program is a Los Angeles County truancy decline program called Abolish Chronic Truancy (A.C.T.) which targets children from elementary school who have some excessive absences. The program places prosecutors at schools to work with teachers, administrators, parents or guardians and students to get involved in the very commencement of the truancy cycle, before the problem is entrenched. A.C.T. uses a sequence of graduated intercessions to hold students and parents responsible for attendance problems. The program sends a letter to parents of students with attendance problems. Parents and children are invited to meet with the deputy district attorney (Center, 1999). According to U. S. Department of other controversial essays, Health and Human Services, truancy has forced many teenagers in the United States to use drugs, such as marijuana. The lack of dedication to school has been recognized by several studies as a risk factor for teen pregnancy, delinquency, substance abuse and school dropout.

Other than these truants, a number of studies conducted have found that truants have experienced stronger feelings of essays on hookah, rejection, low self-esteem and essays, criticism from their parents than non-truants. According to research conducted by Education Commission on Time and Learning in United States, children of school age and teens who are not verified during hours after school are more prone to use marijuana, alcohol, drugs and tobacco, engage in high-risk criminal behaviors, receive low marks, and leave school than those who have chance to participate from constructive activities organized by responsible adults. In a 1994, Harris poll has investigated that over one-half of teachers said that children who were left on their own in their free time after school are the explanation for difficulties in the class. Children with low reading score are more likely to essay, exhibit the criminal behavior than their peers whose reading score is alright, according to the U.S. Department of Justice (Karen, 2008). A research conducted by other controversial essays, the Department of help satirical, Justice stipulates that truancy can be valuable to societies, since the state education funding in general is based on the genuine attendance. Unquestionable absence may cost a school system a lot of money in its lost revenue. The society also pays high costs to businesses for the reeducation and retraining, along with costs associated with prosecution, arrestments, and incarceration of children who commit criminal acts. According to other, research conducted by the U.S. Conference of Mayors' survey, 56 % or 154 of investigated places have had youth embargo for 10 years minimum. Officials in one half of thesis statement for smoking, investigated cities consider that the juvenile crime reduced as the controversial essays, curfew was enforced.

11 % recon the number of crimes has not changed; and 10 % think that the number of thesis for smoking, juvenile-related crimes increased. Curfews can also be costly for cities. 23% or 61 cities that took part in the U.S. Conference of Mayor's survey considered there were increased costs of enforcing curfews. Other societies are working on prevention of the problem of truancy by contributing positive activities to increase the students' interest in school, academic performance and confidence levels. For instance, after-school programs may assist children in developing stronger confidence in other essays, their studying. Additionally, in order to have an effective truancy reduction programs, parents and guardians should involve themselves fully in order to reduce this vice. A continuing support should also prevail, including meaningful incentives for consequences of poor attendance and decent attendance. Society actors like law enforcement, social service provider and mental health workers should collaborate. However, many cities in the United States are defining and enforcing curfews in an attempt to Analysis of Boumediene, minimize the truancy and crime, and to persuade parents to other essays, discipline their children. An investigation carried out by the U.S.

Conference of Mayors found that 276 out of on hookah, 347 responding cities had a night curfew, and seventy six had a daytime curfew, as well. In addition to punishing parents, courts can order them to attend parenting classes and hold them in a disdain of court, if they do not attend. In some situations, the court may take a child away from a parent and make the child a ward of the other controversial, court. Some societies address truancy through community-based programs. Programs recognize that truancy is not an individual or a family problem alone, but is a society vice that should be addressed by Analysis of Boumediene, collaboration among various systems in the community. For example, Truancy Assessment and Service Centers (TASC) are one example of a community-based approach. It mobilizes all sections of the community and takes comprehensive approach to address problems of diverse population in their neighborhood (Richard, 2008).

Centers place children in the kindergarten through the 5 th grade early assessment, identification and other essays, prompt delivery of well-coordinated intervention in order to is harmful, prevent continued absences from the school. Another society-based approach is representedby the New Jersey Juvenile/Family Crisis Intervention Units (JFCIUs), which are endorsed to divert matters which involve family-related problems from court proceedings. The JFCIUs provide the short-term interference service in controversial essays, case of crisis with the aim of stabilizing family conditions and/or referring the child and the family to available public agencies. A research design is a work plan which purpose is to ensure that the data obtained enable one to answer the initial question as definitely as possible. The term also refers to 2009 essay question, how a researcher puts an investigative study together to set questions or answer a question. Research design works as a logical plan outlining researcher’s methods of compilation, study, research limitations and other, details on how the study will arrive at its conclusions. Research will use an experimental quantitative research design as the most appropriate in carrying out of Boumediene, this research because the art of preparation and implementing an other, experiment is efficient and effective in that the on hookah, researcher is able to acquire the comprehensive information of the number of truants in order to put in place measures that will reduce this vice. A process used in statistical analysis, in which a predestined number of essays, observations will be taken from a bigger population. Simple sampling method will be used to smoking, conduct this research, because it will extensively cover the whole population in any place. The researcher will extensively be able to get the controversial essays, correct number of truants in different places without particular basing his facts in thesis for smoking, only one place. It is the controversial, process of Analysis vs Bush, bringing together or generating information that has been systematically observed, organized, recorded, categorized or defined in controversial, such a system that logical processing and implication may occur.

Research will use primary and secondary data collection methods, such as questionnaires, observation and interviewing, because they will help one to identify the correct counter measures in research that will reduce the number of truants in the world.